5 simple steps to solve love and marriage problems on this day

The festival of Phulera Dooj, which is marked on Shukla Paksha Dwitiya in the month of Phagun in the Hindu calendar, is celebrated today. It is between the Vasant Panchami festival and Holi. Lord Krishna and Radha, the embodiment of love and romance in Hindu culture, are worshiped on this day.

On the day of Phulera Dooj, you can do any auspicious work at any time as the day is said to be free from any faults or doshas. This means you must see Panchang Muhurta for any auspicious work.

As a day dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha, who define love, Phulera Dooj is also an occasion to strengthen love relationships. If there is a problem in your love life or if you are having problems in the marriage, you can take corrective action on this day. Read on to learn more about these measures.

Offer yellow flowers and yellow clothes to Lord Krishna and Radha on this day. The color yellow is believed to be very dear to Lord Vishnu. Offer laddus made of flour or Makhan Mishri to Shri Krishna. It is believed that by doing so, the problems in your love life will disappear.

For any problem in married life, the couple facing the problems should worship Lord Krishna and Radha on this day. With the grace of both, you will have a better married life.

For people whose marriage is repeatedly delayed against their will, they can gift Radhaji makeup materials on that day. By the grace of Radhakrishna, your marriage will take place soon.

It is a known fact that Lord Krishna loves cows and peacocks. You can feed or serve a cow or a peacock on this day to earn Lord Krishna’s blessings.

A couple going for a love marriage can worship Lord Krishna and Radhaji on the occasion of Phulera Dooj by writing the name of their better half on a piece of paper at their feet. By doing this, you can expect a good married life without any trouble.

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