A “Chicken Tour” will take place on Fried Chicken Day – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • National Fried Chicken Day is July 6
  • A “Tour de Chicken” will visit ten RE:Her restaurants, all to try fried chicken specialties at women-run businesses
  • RE:Her will feature special fried chicken dishes at these restaurants; fans are encouraged to fashion their own fried chicken crawls

Hot, tangy, crunchy, tender, incredibly tempting, pairable with every condiment ever invented, from chili sauces to fruit preserves: fried chicken is a wonderful, mouth-watering dish, a meal that can be prepared in so many ways and accompany all kinds of accompaniments. with confidence.

Going in search of this tasty superstar is to happily stir up your cravings, and what if you have a gourmet friend with you? And this ride is nicknamed El Gallo, which means you’ll be looking for fried chicken in a real chicken car, or at least one with chicken details?

It must be a particularly special occasion. And, indeed, July 6 is that exact celebration for many fans of the timeless American classic: the sixth day of the seventh month is National Fried Chicken Day.

To highlight several female-led restaurants during the Fried Chicken Party, Hotville Chicken’s Kim Prince and Los Angeles Times reporter Jenn Harris will embark on a tasty “Tour de Chicken”, involving several member restaurants of Concern Her.

RE:Her restaurants all have their own zesty take on fried chicken, and the Tour de Chicken will take it upon themselves to try them all during National Food Day.

First on the road, at 10 a.m.?

It’s Nine24 Kitchen in Manhattan Beach. The tour will run until Hotville Chicken at 12:45 p.m., and other favorites, like Lucky Bird, will take center stage at other times throughout the day.

You can find the tour schedule here, if you want to drop by one of the restaurants while El Gallo is up front, or at least nearby, and learn more about this place’s rotation on chicken fried, whether it’s a stacked-tall sandwich, nummy tenders, a hearty salad or a traditional platter.

Also? If you take a photo with El Gallo, then tag and share it, you could win a meal at a RE:Her restaurant.

Can’t make one of the tour stops on July 6?

RE:Her was launched by nine restaurateurs in 2020 to shine a light on regional restaurants owned by women at the start of the pandemic. A food festival soon followed, along with other fundraisers, events and happenings that continue to “support and empower” the communities behind these sublime venues.

The Culinary Organization has also become an important source of Southern California food knowledge and a go-to for good recommendations.

So look for fried chicken favourites, those enjoyed by Tour de Chicken participants on July 6th as well as ‘notable favourites’, which will be appearing on RE:Her’s social pages in the coming days.

For all the Tour de Chicken details, start now on RE:Her Instagram.

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