Belinda and Lupita Infante discuss uplifting Latino community at Raizado Festival – Rolling Stone

This week a A sold-out crowd gathered in Aspen, Colorado for the Latinx House’s first Raizado Festival, a three-day event filled with music, art exhibits, film screenings, panel discussions , etc. Intended as an opportunity to highlight the issues and achievements of the Latino community – particularly in an area known for its events that attract white and wealthy elites – the festival included headlining performances from big names in the Latin music industry, including Mexican star Belinda and rising regional singer-songwriter Lupita Infante.

Both artists were drawn to the festival’s mission to uplift Latinos across the country, especially after the mass shooting in Uvalde and the number of lives lost in the community to Covid-19. Infante brought mariachi band Campanas de America to the stage with her when she performed on Wednesday. She’s known the band for several years, and many of them helped record her Grammy-nominated album. The Serenata. Campanas de America was among about 50 mariachi musicians who traveled to Uvalde in June to sing and honor the lives lost in the tragedy.

“Mariachi is a crucial part of celebrating every life event in our culture. From baptisms, confirmations, weddings, parties and even funerals, mariachi is the common component that enhances the spirit of these moments” , says Infanta. rolling stone. “Campanas understands the importance of the music and culture they represent, and they do a magnificent job of supporting our community even in the midst of the worst tragedies.”

On Thursday, Belinda took the stage and sang some of her favorite songs, including “Contigo en la Distancia” and “Sal de mi Piel.” “My goal was to make everyone revel in the joy and passion we live for as Latinx people,” she said. Rolling stone. “We are such an amazing, diverse and festive community and I really want to make sure everyone feels that at Raizado Festival.”

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She adds, “I grew up loving and deeply appreciating everything that makes Mexican music special. I made homage to the great – including my own family – a central theme in my recorded and live performances. So many Mexicans and other Latinx people work here in Aspen and are an integral part of the community, but not everyone knows about their contributions.

The festival, which kicked off August 30, featured Annie Gonzalez (Gentefié, Vida, Shameless)Julissa Calderon (Gentified, With Love, by Buzzfeed Pero I like), and Mauro Castillo (Encanto, “We’re not talking about Bruno”). US Senator John Hickenlooper and Representative Joaquin Castro were among several politicians who made appearances.

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