Berlin won’t cancel Festival of Lights despite energy emergency

Berlin is set to hold its annual Festival of Lights despite growing concerns over a spiraling energy emergency in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, when winter arrives,

The festival, which is a private event held independently of the city, will go ahead as planned in October in a scaled-down version, according to the Berlin Senate, arguing that the Festival of Lights is a relevant event for tourism that contributes to the city. call during the colder months.

However, the Senate said it still encourages businesses to implement energy-saving measures and welcomes efforts by the tourism industry to hold events in a more energy-efficient way.

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A view of Berlin Cathedral during the Festival of Lights. (Shutterstock)

During the Festival of Lights, large-scale colorful images are projected onto landmarks, monuments, buildings and squares in the center of the German capital. This year’s event is scheduled for October 7-16.

Berlin recently began turning off lights at central tourist attractions, fearing power shortages were about to become the order of the day due to a possible Russian gas cut. The measure affects some 150 of the capital’s main landmarks, including the Victory Column, the Main Cathedral and the Berlin State Opera.

According to the Senate, the lighting of the 150 buildings consumes some 150,000 to 200,000 kilowatt hours annually. At current prices, this represents a cost of 40,000 euros ($40,150) per year. In comparison, Berlin’s total electricity consumption is 14 terawatt hours, or 1 billion kilowatt hours, which means that lighting accounts for about 0.001% of the total annual consumption.

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