Champion ready to defend his title at the State Banana Pudding Festival

WILKINSON COUNTY, Ga. – The State Banana Pudding Festival of Georgia takes place in Irwinton this Saturday. This is where they will crown Georgia’s Best Sweet Dish.

They will then send the winner to Nationals.

Kathy Brewer Thompson has already harvested a banana bounty.

“There are only two spaces – winners and losers,” she said sternly.

Kathy is what you would call a “superior banana”. She wrote her own cookbook.

“All my siblings – there are ten of us – have recipes in there,” she said, holding it.

But her mom’s creation of banana pudding is what set her on the path to fame. It’s in the book, but Kathy made some changes to it.

“Now I’m going to add my whole milk,” she said while stating that you can’t use skim or 2% milk. You’ll want to listen to every treat she churns out.

Kathy won the State Banana Pudding title, then she snuck up in Tennessee and won the national title as well.

“I just jumped up and screamed that I was so happy,” she recalled.

And Kathy isn’t a “jump and yell” person — to win, she banked a few key things like never using generic ingredients.

“I’ve done it before and it’s not as good,” she said.

She even went to 12 stores to find a box of full-size Nabisco vanilla wafers.

We can’t give you all of her secrets because she wants to work her way into another trip to Tennessee where the Nationals are taking place, but we can peel back the layers a bit.

Even if she wins everything, it won’t be the same.

“I won it in 2019 and it was the last trip we got to take before he went to meet Jesus in 2020,” she said sadly, of her late husband Lamar.

She lost her husband, who was her best friend and biggest fan.

Lamar even wore a banana shirt to nationals and when she won.

“You would have thought I had won the governorship of the state,” she said.

The fierce competitor plays with a soft spirit, but she’ll put on her game face at Irwinton this weekend and keep going.

“I will miss him, but he is with me, he is in my heart,” she said, touching her chest.

We know she might not go crazy, but she’s a good bet for another trophy.

Kathy says another key to a good pudding is patience, patience, patience.

Registration is full, but if you go you can taste the pudding.

There will also be an arts and crafts festival with 60 vendors.

It operates from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday afternoons.

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