Cherry Blossom Festival first weekend in Macon

The second day of the Cherry Blossom Festival featured dogs swimming and running, and the Macon-Bibb Fire Department defending their bed race title.

MACON, GA – Saturday was the first weekend of the 2022 Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown Macon and there was something for everyone.

Warner Robins’ Ben Adkins and his one-year-old puppy, Poppy, competed in the annual Wiener Dog Race.

“We brought Poppy to the pinkest party in the world,” Adkins said.

Adkins said they came to the Cherry Blossom festival last year before they had Poppy.

“We came last year and kind of scouted the competition,” he said.

But the sausage dog race wasn’t the only competition where things got heated.

Spectators also enjoyed watching the annual bed race. The competition included the Macon-Bibb Fire Department, Georgia Power, Macon Beer Company and more.

The Macon-Bibb firefighters came to defend their title after their victory last year.

“You couldn’t ask for a better group of firefighters,” Macon-Bibb Fire Chief Shane Edward said.

And after their race, they were able to secure a win for another year.

But just around the corner, dogs were performing practice jumps in preparation for the Ultimate Air Dogs Dock Diving Competition.

But Adkin’s interest was still on one thing.

“It would have to be the sausage dog race. There’s no other answer,” Adkins said.

While puppy Adkins came in third place, he said he just wanted Poppy to socialize with other dogs.

“Just for Poppy to meet new dogs. She’s very young, so it’s important to get her around other dogs so she’s tempered with them,” Adkins said.

The 40th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival will continue until March 27, 2022. You can find a full list of events here.

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