Date, Punya Kaal and Panchang. Everything you need to know

Kumbha Sankranti marks the beginning of the eleventh month, according to the Hindu solar calendar. It is the day when the sun is in the transit period from Makar Rashi to Kumbha Rashi. However, there is no particular auspicious time for this occasion. It varies everywhere, depending on the position of the sun. Kumbha Sankranti is February 13, Sunday.

Sunrise – February 13, 2022 07:04

Sunset – February 13, 2022 6:17 p.m.

Punya Kaal Muhurta – From February 13, 07:04 to February 13, 12:41

Maha Punya Kaal Muhurta – February 13, 07:04 to February 13, 08:56

Occasion Sankranti – February 13, 2022 03:32

For the people of West Bengal, this marks the beginning of Falgun maas. This festival is called Masi Masam, according to the Malayalam calendar.

On this day, the biggest festival in the world, Kumbha Mela, is also celebrated. This holiday is celebrated 4 times over 12 years. The shrines are located on four sacred rivers. Haridwar is on the banks of the Ganges, while Ujjain is on the Shipra River. The third site is located on the Godavari River and the fourth at Prayagraj at the junction of the Ganges, Jamuna and Sarasvati River. When the astrological positions of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are fully occupied, this is considered the most auspicious time at each site.

The festival is very important for Hindus across the country, especially for people in eastern India.

Main rituals to perform on this day:

To reach Moksha, it is very important to bathe in the holy water of the river Ganga.

People who somehow fail to reach the banks of the Ganges need not worry. They can also bathe in the Yamuna, Godavari and Shipra rivers to get rid of their sins. Since these three rivers also provide the site for the celebration of Kumbha Mela.

On this day, offerings must be given to the cow. It is considered auspicious for the welfare of the devotee.

Devotees should pray to Goddess Ganga for their happiness, well-being and prosperity.

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