Fashion designer Kalpana Sonthalia is back in Kolkata with a new edition of accessories for your divine idols

Bold colors, flowing silhouettes and comfortable fabrics are dominating the fashion scene this season and couturier Kalpana Sonthalia’s label Adorning God, which has earned a reputation as a luxury stop for deity accessories, has offered an elaborate edition incorporating the latest trends before Janmasthami. .

Chennai-based Kalpana will be in town to showcase it all at a festive one-day pop-up gala organized by Shilpam, to be held on July 19 at Jyotirmai Seva Mandir.

Kalpana Sonthalia

“Although I held a few exhibitions in Kolkata last year, I was unable to attend any of them due to irregular flight schedules and the pandemic. uncertainties. Just a month away from Janmasthami, we have designed a nuanced range of vibrant clothes and accessories for our beloved Gopal or Ladduji, colorful and beautiful. Additionally, for Rakshabandhan, we have created exquisite pieces of beautiful South Indian Rakhis which are in high demand by our customers in Kolkata,” says Kalpana.

Kalpana’s brand, Adorning God, has been distinguished and renowned for its wide range of accessories and its ‘ringar‘ embellishments for divine idols.

Each piece created by Kalpana is unique in its design and inspiration, a product of his passion and personal dedication. “I have many sources of inspiration and each emanates from what I am thinking about at any given time. This is also reflected in my designs. Therefore, you will find no repetition in my designs and there are always new ones. options in my Kolkata store every other fortnight,” Kalpana tells us of her creative process.

God's offerings adorning Kalpana Sonthalia
God’s offerings adorning Kalpana Sonthalia

Although the pandemic interrupted his work-related travel plans, it never had an effect on his creative endeavors or the demand for his designs as people continued to buy pieces for other idols, in especially during the festive seasons. “In fact, the pandemic has given me more time to focus on building a huge collection of new designs to beautify our beloved divine idols. time to recreate them. Also, the demand for adornments never stopped during this time and we had to keep pace at breakneck speed,” Kalpana adds.

God's offerings adorning Kalpana Sonthalia
God’s offerings adorning Kalpana Sonthalia

Also in the upcoming exhibition you will find a variety of hand-woven objects Chanderi, I have tosilk outfits, as well as intricate jewelry for ringarincluding palakka mala, mulla mottu mala jewelry from Kerala, a wide range of elaborate temple jewelry from Tamil Nadu, as well as a comprehensive collection of beautifully embellished handcrafted pieces inspired by the prevalent design motifs of Jaipur and Kolkata.

Kalpana’s brick and mortar shop on Amherst Street also carries the full range. If you can’t find a piece that perfectly matches your idol, you can even get in touch with them to customize the appearance of your idols for special occasions.

Price on request. July 19, from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. At Jyotirmai Seva Mandir, 37/1A Garcha Road.

You can meet Kalpana Sonthalia for a personal consultation on July 22-23 at Arjun Enclave, Flat 2C, 12C, Judges Court Road, Alipore between 11am and 6pm. Only by appointment at 9840069284.

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