Fish festival held at GADVASU : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Ludhiana, November 21

The College of Fisheries (COF) of Guru Angad Dev University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (GADVASU) organized a fish festival on the occasion of World Fisheries Day to promote the conservation of aquatic ecosystems for beneficial long-term socio-economics.

The festival was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Dr Inderjeet Singh. Fish products of various types were exhibited and sold during the festival to promote fish consumption among residents.

Dr. Meera Ansal, Dean, COF, said it is recommended to eat fish once or twice a week to meet the body’s omega 3 needs.

“Fish contains many nutrients necessary for proper growth and development, including protein, iodine, and various vitamins and minerals,” she said.

Omega 3 fatty acids also help lower triglycerides, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke, she added.

In addition to fish and shrimp products such as fish sticks, fish cutlets, fish balls, fish sausages, marinated shrimp, fish/shrimp pickles and fish soup; live edible fish and ornamental fish were also sold at the festival. The presentation of live ornamental fish and aquariums delighted ornamental fish lovers and schoolchildren, Dr Ansal.

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