Here is a list of public holidays in 2022

There are many public holidays in 2022

This year we see a lot of holidays across the country. Although the number of holidays does not differ from state to state, holidays do differ based on festivals or events in each state. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has already provided its list of public holidays for this year. In April alone, banks will remain closed for four days in a row. The RBI prepares the list of public holidays based on festivals and public holidays in each state or region and publishes the schedule at the beginning of each financial year.

Take a look at the public holidays in 2022. In addition to Sundays and the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, banks remain closed.


January 1: Banks remain closed for the New Year.

January 14: Banks remain closed for Makar Sankranti and Pongal.

January 26: Banks remain closed on Republic Day.


February 5: Banks remain closed due to Vasant Panchami.


March 1: Banks are closed on the occasion of Maha Shivratri

March 19: Banks remain closed for Holi.


April 10: Banks are closed due to Ram Navami celebrations.

April 14: Banks in all states are closed due to Ambedkar Jayanti, Mahavir Jayanti, Baisakhi, Vaisakhi, Tamil New Year’s Day, Cheiraoba, Biju Festival and Bohag Bihu.

April 15: Banks will remain closed for Good Friday, Bengali New Year’s Day, Himachal Day, Vishu, Bohag Bihu.


May 1: Banks will be closed for May 1.

May 2: Banks in several states will remain closed for Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti.

May 3: Banks will remain closed for Idul Fitr.

May 16: Banks will be closed because of Buddha Purnima.


July 10: Banks closed for Bakrid, Eid al Adha.


August 9: Banks will remain closed for Muharram.

August 12: Banks closed for Raksha Bandhan.

August 15: Banks will remain closed on National Independence Day.

August 19: Banks will be closed for Janmashtami.

August 31: Banks will have a holiday on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.


September: 25: Banks will remain closed for Mahalaya Amavasya.


October 2: Banks will remain closed for Gandhi Jayanti

October 5: Banks will be closed on the occasion of Dussehra.

October 9: Banks will have a public holiday for Eid e Milad.

October 24: Banks will remain closed for Diwali.

October 27: Banks closed for Bhai Door.


November 8: Banks will be closed in all states for Guru Nanak Jayanti.


December 25: Banks will remain closed for Christmas.

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