His daughter mourns the loss of two followers

The streaming service, Sooka, has released a fun campaign film via Reprise Digital in commemoration of this year’s Raya celebrations that examines the real problem of social media validation among millennials.

The film titled ‘Krisis Social Media Anis’ (translated: Anis’ Social Media Crisis) follows the trials of her daughter Anis as she mourns the loss of two followers the day before Raya. Her family (who share a similar obsession and call each other by their social IDs) are joining a social media guru for tips and ideas to help her find lost followers, urging more Anis followers via their own social media accounts. All in nothing.

“The film was inspired by millennials, who crave social validation,” said Kevin Le, executive creative director of Reprise Digital.

“This quest to belong in the social sphere through the best content, more likes and followers sometimes comes at the expense of what is real. This Raya, we wanted to show that the best followers are your family, so embrace your true self and appreciate the people who have always supported you.

“The idea came from a series of true stories about the challenges of this generation that sees ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’ as their social currency,” said Hilda Shamsul Bahri, Brand Manager and communications from Sooka.

“But it’s not always about ‘Likes’. We want young Malaysians to know that your self-esteem doesn’t depend on the perception of social media. Rather, it’s about giving thanks and improving the ties with our family and loved ones this Raya. We love how fresh this festive film from Reprise is for us because it fits perfectly with what we stand for as a brand.

“The central character of Anis is tied to the younger generation, whether they celebrate Raya or not,” Le added.

“While we’ve produced a lot of social content and party movies, we’ve never met both sides of the coin when it comes to addressing the psychology of social media and how it affects millennials. It was also a way fun to make a play on sooka/’suka’ (like) by telling followers and likes, while positioning sooka as a streaming service to enjoy with family and friends this festive season.

The film was directed by Prem Anand Pillai of Lovechild.

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