INTERVIEW: Anil Ravipudi opens up on F3, working with NTR, NBK and more: ‘Our biggest enemy is F2’

After delivering a blockbuster like F2 directed by Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannaah, Mehreen Pirzada, director Anil Ravipudi has taken the franchise forward with F3. Just like the first part, this one is also directed by the same set of actors. “After directing several action-packed performers, I felt the need to cater to the needs of family audiences. That’s how I settled on F2: Fun & Frustration, which turned out to be a blockbuster. The collections left everyone shocked. The success in F2 led me to do F3 now,” says Anil.

What is the difference between F3 and F2? He explains, “F2 was about frustration in the lives of married couples, F3 was about frustration over money. It’s a different subject with the same characters. Shooting a sequel to something as beloved as F2 is always a challenge and Anil admits audiences will compare the two movies. “The biggest enemy of F3 is F2, because we have to exceed public expectations. We tried our best to improve F3 on all fronts by writing great episodes and great scenes. Venkatesh Garu and Varun Tej have taken these scenes to the next level and we are very happy to see the release of F3,” he smiles.

Comedies have often coincided with the Sankranti holiday season in the Telugu film industry, but F3 is not a holiday release. Does this worry Anil in any way? “Not at all. If the content is good, people will come to see the film regardless of external factors. Everything except the content – be it the release date or the ticket price – is a bonus. They will only pass on the benefit only if the content is good,” he warns.

The Telugu trade is in turmoil with the news of Anil soon to lead NTR. He confirms: “These are all talks and nothing is concrete at the moment. I have an engagement with Balakrishna Garu, which we start in September. I spoke to NTR Garu and he is also finalizing his lineup after RRR. Nothing is finalized yet.”

Anil promises full artist with NBK. “Of course the film Balakrishna is going to be an artist in its own right. It’s completely different from anything I’ve done before. And finally, does he have a script for F4 ready? “There is a chance for F4, but it all depends on how the public receives F3. I want to do F4, but it won’t happen right away,” he concludes.

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