Kolkata to remember KK at Durga Puja

The last concert of KK’s life was held in Kolkata. Kabiraj Bagan in Ward 14 of Kolkata Municipality wants to commemorate this moment through the biggest festival of Bengalis. This time their Durga Puja theme is the prominent singer KK.

He came to bring joy to the City of Joy. And in this city, KK’s voice has been silenced forever. The pain of losing the singer is clearly visible across the City of Joy. Durga Puja is the biggest festival of Bengalis. So this city wants to capture the memory of KK back then. Therefore, the organizers have decided that the theme for Durga Puja of Kabiraj Bagan from Ward No. 14 of Kolkata Municipality will be singer KK.

On May 30 and 31, KK had performed in Kolkata. The second day program was on Nazrul Mancha, hosted by Trinamool Chhatra Parishad. KK was invited to Gurudas College Fest. Kolkata witnessed the sea of ​​people on this occasion. The auditorium flooded with crowds. The air conditioning did not work under the pressure of the crowd. KK fell ill after his performance. After returning to the hotel, he tried to sit on the sofa and fell. When he was taken to hospital, doctors informed him that it was too late. He could no longer be saved. People are still unable to recover from the disappearance of their beloved singer. Thus, Kabiraj Bagan thought of this unique way to pay homage to the melodious soul.

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