Krakatau festival selected for Kharisma 2022 Nusantara event

TEMPO.CO, South Lampung – The Krakatau Festival, one of the biggest tourism events in Lampung, has passed the curation process for Kharisma Event Nusantara 2022.

The Krakatau Festival, whose flagship event is scheduled for August 27, 2022, during the Kharisma Nusantara 2022 event, was declared by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno.

“This Krakatau festival is included in the Kharisma Nusantara 2022 event. It is not easy to attend and be organized, beating many other tourist events,” Uno said in South Lampung on Saturday.

The tourist activities included in the Kharisma Nusantara 2022 event are the best events which have been organized by the team with utmost care, he added.

“The history of Mount Krakatau is very interesting, it has natural beauty, the potential of Lampung’s unique cultural customs, and it is really a very amazing potential for every tourist who has the opportunity to witness or experience it. participate in the Krakatau festival,” the minister said.

The festival, which has been held regularly for 31 years now – or since 1990 to be precise – has served as a symbol of the government’s consistency in informing the population about the history of Krakatau and promoting regional tourism, a- he added.

“It is an opportunity for us to develop a travel model rich in interesting experiences, with the concept of exploring stories about the history of Krakatau, with international quality and standard, of course,” he said. he points out.

He said he expects the inclusion of the Krakatau festival in the Kharisma Nusantara event to boost tourism in Lampung.

“Hopefully tourism here will be more lively and many will know more about Krakatau’s history, arts and culture and other potentials in Lampung,” he added.

The Kharisma Event Nusantara (KEN) program was launched by Minister Uno to boost activities at the regional level.

The program began with a curation process to assess high quality events so that support for event organizers could be better understood and improved.

The selection process for the program had five main components: ideas and potential for innovation, development of the creative economy, event management, performing arts and culture, and communication strategies and media.

In 2022, the ministry received the names of 319 events from 34 provinces for KEN 2022.


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