Lafayette festival helps family of fallen officer

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A festival was held Saturday in downtown Lafayette to help the family of a Youngsville officer who died in the line of duty due to COVID.

Police Memorial Day to international park in Downtown Lafayette was organized to help raise funds to cover the costs incurred in sending the family of Youngsville Police Officer Randy Guidry who died of Covid-19 to Washington, D.C. for the annual “Tribute to the deadCeremony. Marshal Reggie Thomas and his Office of Marshal Lafayette organized the event.

Marshal Thomas said the event was something he had always wanted to do since being elected. “He was a dedicated police officer. Dedicated not just to the police department but to his family,” Marshal Reggie Thomas said.

Constable Guidry’s family attended the event. “It’s been almost ten months, and there are still people who think of him and remember him, and it’s such a blessing,” said his mother, Jessica Guidry. “It’s very heartwarming, and I can’t thank them enough.”

“Tell your children that you love them every day because one day they are here and the next day they are gone. I’m going through that right now,” said her father, Lorne Guidry.

Each attendance contributed $20 in donations to help pay for the family’s trip from Washington DC”COPSwhich is an organization that actually funds agents to go to Washington DC, so what’s happening is they’re paying for the family ride to Washington, DC, and our goal is to try to earn enough money money so we can give them the money back,” Marshal Thomas said.

There was live music from Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble and Geno Delafose, and French Rockin’ Boogie. Also, VR DJ music. Marshal’s kitchen team made jambalaya. Everyone was there to have a good time.

Zena Miller was an attendee. She is from Gary, Indiana, but came with her friend Timey Williams to support the Marshal and send prayers to the Guidry family. ” We like to dance. We love zydeco and just enjoy life. Live our life like it’s golden,” Miller said. “I appreciate the culture because I’m not from here, but I enjoyed learning the culture while living here.”

Marshal Thomas said the event was a great way to end the National Police Week festivities. “We just want to take care of our own. We are brothers and sisters in law enforcement, and we come together when times are tough, and one thing I know is that the community comes together with us.

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