Lee Jung-jae in Italy for the Korea Film Fest

Why is Lee Jung-jae coming to Italy?

The now well-known South Korean actor Lee Jung-jae Between Italy the following April 9, 2022. On the occasion of the 20th edition from Florence Korean Film Festivalthe most important Italian festival dedicated to the best of South Korean cinema, the protagonist of squid game will be the special guest of the event, scheduled in Florence from April 7 to 15, 2022.

Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), the protagonist in a “Squid Game” setting. Credits: Netflix / Screenshot.

What is the Florence Korea Film Fest?

Florence Korean Film Festival has been organized since 2003 byFlorentine Taegukgi Cultural Association – Toscana Korea Association. In addition to cultural and institutional cooperation betweenItaly and the Koreathe festival aims to promote the alluring Korean cultural universe, through the big screen, art exhibitions and conferences.

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The one-of-a-kind festival Italy, offers documentaries, shorts, films and extensive retrospectives on the main directors of Korean cinema, with the participation of the same authors. Since 2007, the Association has been promoting, in addition to Korean cinema in Italyalso Italian cinema in South Koreacollaborate with the country’s major festivals to schedule retrospectives and reviews of the protagonists of our cinema in their schedules.

the Florence Korean Film Festival signed a Memorandum in keeping with one of the most important Korean festivals JIFF – Jeonju International Film Festival. The Festival also collaborates with the BIFF – Busan International Film Festivalfirst feast of the Korea and the most important festival ofAsia.

Lee Jung-jae at Florence Korea Film Fest 2022 Credits: Florence Korea Film Fest

Lee Jung-jae at Florence Korea Film Fest 2022 Credits: Florence Korea Film Fest

Lee Jung-jae, when to see him in Florence?

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AT Lee Jung-jae, with 30 films in his career, a former model born in 1972, a tribute will be dedicated to him (the first in Italy of this magnitude) with a selection of 10 films that have best characterized his artistic career. From the beginnings of The young man (1994) and A case (1998) one city ​​of Sunrise (1999), which saw him win two Best Actor awards.

The festival traces his career by presenting The sea (2000) which had an American remake in 2006 also released in Italy with the title The lake house of the time with Sandra Bullock And Keanu Reeves.

Asako in Ruby shoes (2000), New world (2013) alongside Choi Min Sik; The face reader (2013), historical project of Lee Jong Sukone of the highest-grossing films of South Korea in 2013, with 9.1 million spectators; Assassination (2015) Thriller in French historical ensemble during the Japanese occupation from the 1930s until the most recent Swaha the sixth finger (2019) in which the actor grapples with a mystery involving a Buddhist sect and deliver us from evil (2020) marking the meeting of Hwang And Lee after their 2013 film, New world.

Masterclass with Lee Jung-jae and Hwang Dong-hyuk

The festival, for the twenty years of the event, offers its public a unique moment, organized for the first time in Italy, bringing the protagonist of one of the most viewed series of all time. The director will also be present alongside the actor Hwang Dong-hyukwho wrote and directed the series netflix. The two guests will meet in one master class scheduled at the festival on Saturday April 9.

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The section Webtoon & Cinemawho places the focus about digital comics meant to be read smartphone (one in three Koreans regularly reads webtoons). In addition, the historical sections are confirmed: Korean horizons (best homeland movies of 2021); Independent Korea, a showcase for independent cinema that will host the works of young directors and emerging authors. Also confirm the sections “Short, short! » And K-Documentaryselection of the best most recent documentary works.

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