L’Oréal Paris defends the role of women in cinema with the launch of its inaugural Lights On Women award, honoring a promising director

Launch of an award dedicated to women directors of short films: empowering talented women to have a positive impact on the future of the film industry
Official partner of the Cannes Film Festival for over 24 years, L’Oréal Paris has always been a feminist brand that defends the emancipation of women, particularly in the world of cinema through its privileged relationship with iconic actresses who embody the values ​​of the brand. From now on, L’Oréal Paris goes even further in this commitment, with the launch of a rewards program dedicated to women in cinema. Short films, thanks to their flexible format and relatively low entry barriers, have long been seen as a reflection of the future of the film industry; as such, this award will encourage promising directors to pursue their creative ambitions and provide funding that will enable women to overcome the obstacles they face.

“This exciting partnership with L’Oréal Paris represents a natural extension of the brand’s continued support for Cannes and the cinema community at large “, said Thierry Frémaux, director of the International Film Festival of Cannes. “The Enlightenment on Women Award will provide a much needed opportunity to honor a deserving creator and aligns with the broader commitment of the Short film competition and short film programs from international film schools recognize the female talents of tomorrow “, he adds.

A crying and urgent need to correct the gender imbalance in the film industry
The under-representation of women in cinema is a major problem within the creative industry, with only 10.7% of female directors in Hollywood from 2019 *. In addition, only 21.3% of short films are directed by women; and only 7 women have already been nominated for the award for best director at the Oscars *. In light of these figures, the need to reduce prejudice and achieve a better gender balance is both striking and urgent.

Unique recognition designed to stimulate creativity and empowerment
The winner of the inauguration Enlightenment on Women Award will receive financial support of up to € 30,000. This unique recognition will also offer the winner a platform for increased visibility and will also give him access to a “brotherhood” of cinematographic talent.

“L’Oréal Paris is a feminine and feminist brand; we believe in empowering women to overcome obstacles and have a positive long-term social impact within their communities ”, said Delphine Viguier Hovasse, President of the global brand, L’Oréal Paris. “The massive under-representation of women in cinema requires large-scale support and I am proud to use our platform and brand resources to champion the visibility of women, with the help of the incredible actresses who represent our brand. strongly believe in standing up for talented women and giving them space to shine. ”

Actor Kate winslet adds, “What an honor to chair as a juror this remarkable recognition for female directors and to have the opportunity to celebrate such an incredible talent. It is essential that we work together as a community to strive for gender parity within our industry and I am delighted to support L’Oréal Paris family on this important initiative.

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