Mayfest – Cornell International Chamber Music Festival

After two canceled years, we’re back for Mayfest 2022 with a star-studded list of international guests shaping a musical journey to places we’ve sorely missed. It will be a festive meeting of intimate musical creation. We hope you can join us!

Miri Yampolsky and Xak Bjerken, administrators

Mayfest was founded in 2007 by Cornell pianists Miri Yampolsky and Xak Bjerken. You can find the programs from the start of the festival here in our archive. Each year, as winter truly turns into spring, this chamber music festival brings a range of international guest artists to Ithaca. Come join us!

Friday, May 20, Barnes Hall, 7:30 p.m.

Saxophone Sonata by Creston (Banks, Bjerken)

Songs by Ruth Crawford Seeger, Jihyun Kim, Charles Ives, Jesse Jones and

Margaret Bonds (Upshaw, Bjerken)

Dance Preludes by Lutoslawski (Halevi, Yampolsky)

Brahms Piano Trio in C major (Braunstein, Plesser, Yampolsky)

Saturday, May 21 Barnes Hall, 7:30 p.m.

Bach Flute Sonata, BWV 1034 (Schwarzman, Yampolsky)

Hugo Wolf italian serenade (Schwarzman, Braunstein, Wang, Haines-Eitzen)

Steven Stucky Scherzino/Bedard Fantasie (Banks, Bjerken)

Songs by Alma Mahler (Upshaw, Yampolsky)

Zemlinsky Clarinet Trio, Op. 3 (Halevi, Plesser, Bjerken)

Sunday, May 22, Lincoln Hall, room B20, 3 p.m.

Kodaly Serenade for two violins and viola, op. 12 (Braunstein, Gellev, Wang)

bartok ContrastsSz. 111 (Gellev, Halevi, Yampolsky)

Violin Sonata in G Major by Beethoven, Op. 96 (Braunstein, Yampolsky)

Selections by John Novacek Four rags for two Jons (Halevi, Bjerken)

Monday, May 23, Moakley House, 7:30 p.m.

Kodaly Cello Sonata, Op. 4 (Plesser, Yampolsky)

Trio (Upshaw, Divall, Bjerken)

Julius Roentgen, The Schlaf (from Lyrische Gange)

Lily Baker, reflections

Henrietta Bosmans, Ariette

Paul Hindemith, Gute Nacht (from Die Serenaden)

Johannes Brahms, Die ihr schwebet (op. 91 no. 2)

Preludes by Shostakovich, arr. for violin and piano (Gellev, Bjerken) #’s 10, 15, 13, 24, 6, 21, 3, 11, 20

Schönberg First Chamber Symphony, arr. by Webern (Schwarzman, Halevi, Braunstein, Plesser, Bjerken)

Tuesday, May 24, Barnes Hall, 7:30 p.m.

Songs by John Dowland arr. for string quartet and voice (Upshaw, Gellev, Wang, Divall, Haines-Eitzen)

Schumann Piano Quartet, Op. 47 (Braunstein, Wang, Plesser, Yampolsky)

Mendelssohn Quintet with viola, op. 87 (Braunstein, Gellev, Wang, Divall, Plesser)

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