Milk demand exceeds supply | Ranchi News

Ranchi: In a double blow to households and confectioneries, the severe shortage of supply and an increase in the price of milk have burned a hole in the pockets of Ranchiites during the ongoing festive and wedding season.
Dairy industry officials say the city’s daily requirement is around 1.80 litres, but the Jharkhand State Milk Federation (JSMF) is only able to source and supply that. ‘about 1.30 liters.
JSMF Managing Director Sudhir Kumar Singh says, “Milk production is unable to meet the growing demand. The party and wedding season is one of the main reasons for the increase in demand. There is also a high demand for around one lakh liters only in lassi shops throughout the summer season. However, given the shortage of milk, the stores can only obtain around 40,000 litres.
He adds: “The cost of milk production has increased by Rs 4 per litre, but we have increased by Rs 2 per liter for JSMF owned Medha Milk.”
Notably, the price of Sudha Dairy, a product of the Bihar State Milk Cooperative Federation, has also been raised by Rs 2 from April 17. Previously, a liter of regular milk cost Rs 47, down from Rs 45. For a one-liter packet, the price is Rs 24, down from Rs 23. Similarly, whole milk costs Rs 26 for a half-liter packet. and Rs 52 for a litre.
Milk retailer Samsher Alam, which owns All-In-One, says a liter of Amul milk is now available for Rs 51, while Sudha Milk costs Rs 52 and Medha Milk costs Rs 54.
Ashwani Kumar Bhatiya of Punjab Sweets House, says, “We are unable to meet consumer demand. Consumption of milk-based sweets is higher during the holiday season. After two years of Covid restrictions, we had the chance to turn our business around, but supply became an obstacle.
Housewife Basanti Kumari says, “There was a time when I could go to the store and buy milk whenever I wanted, but now I have to go home empty-handed. Milk will always be in high demand as it is a healthy food.

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