North Beach Music Festival makes a splash with inaugural event [Photos/Videos]


North Beach Music Festival arrived in Miami Beach this year with a mission: to bring the vibrant national jam group scene to South Florida – an area full of fans but often turned down by tours – for a multi-day festival on the edge of the ocean Bandshell North Beach.

The inaugural event, produced by BPF direct in partnership with The Rythme Foundation, featured two full days of performances on the permanent Bandshell stage as well as a side stage in the adjoining park with no overlapping backdrops. Sheltered by quaint palm trees that provided cool shade during the day and a colorful tropical play area at night, NBMF combined the convenience of an urban spectacle, the immersive experience of a “farm” festival, and the windy slopes of the holidays. to the beach in one. attractive live music getaway.

While the views of Miami Beach and the lush borders of the North Beach Bandshell drew fans in, the festival‘s artist lineup was what sealed the deal for many out of town fans who made it the trip. Florida favorites like Heavy animals, Electric kif, Tand, and Juke national tour outfits like Spafford, Pigeons playing ping pong, Ghost-Note, The motet, TAUK, and Aqueous to fan favorite conductors and instrumentalists like Marco Benevento, Eric krasno, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, holly bowling, and Karina rykman, North Beach Music Festival offered fans a representative sample of the extended jam circle over the course of two eventful days.

Scroll down for video footage of some of our favorite parts of the inaugural North Beach Music Festival and full photo galleries from the two days of the event.

Those days at the beach

The daytime schedules at the North Beach Music Festival have been organized with just the right mix of settings to make it easier for fans to have a long day ahead. Friday afternoon was like a tribute to the local scene as The Heavy Pets opened the Bandshell stage, followed by Tand at the Park stage. As Florida fans know, the guitarist Mike garulli performs in both bands, and the afternoon crowd knowingly cheered as he walked from his Heavy Pets gig to the Tand show and jumped right in the middle of the song.

On Saturday the day started with a solo piano staged by holly bowling, who took a reverent, early-morning audience on a journey with a jaw-dropping ensemble run by “China Cat Sunflower” and “I Know You Rider” who worked their way through renderings of Phishing‘s “Divided Sky” and “It’s Ice” and the Grateful death‘s “Althea”. From there old friends Brendan Bayliss (Umphrey’s McGee) and Jennifer hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band) delivered a relaxed duo ensemble that showcased both their vocal abilities and their lovingly sarcastic and perfectly timed banter.

Between covers of songs by Otis redding, Paul Simon, Bob dylan, Derek and the dominoes, Dolly parton, John prine, Blind faith, Amy winehouse, Radiohead, and The Beatles, the comedy duo Hartswick and Bayliss have unveiled the new name of the group (Hartliss), riffed on what they could be billed as the night (“Butt Stuff”), and goaded the drummer of TAUK Isaac teel from the crowd to join in a performance of Cyndi lauper‘s “Time after time”.

[Photo: Andrew O’Brien – Jen Hartswick (left) and Brendan Bayliss (right)]

This sunset in Miami Beach

With the park stage premonitively set up facing east, North Beach Music Festival attendees were treated to jaw-dropping sunsets as a backdrop to the early evening sets by the heroes of the hometown Electric kif friday and Brandon “Taz” Niederauer the Saturday. Electric Kif made sure to add a local Miami touch to their performance, hosting regular Bandshell Brian potts and the Miamibloco set of samba percussion as the sky burned orange behind them.

The horn section takes over

It would be difficult to talk about NBMF without touching artists in general The horn section, the plug-and-play brass trio composed of Chris Brouwers (trumpet), Greg Sanderson (alto / tenor sax), and Josh schwartz (tenor / baritone sax). These guys were all over both stages all weekend, appearing to sprinkle flavor on several of the weekend’s sets.

On Friday, the trio jumped onto the sets of The Heavy Pets, TAUK, The motet, and Pigeons playing ping pong. On Saturday they lent their horns to both Eric Krasno & The Assembly and Aqueous.

While the horns easily integrated into each new setting, they seemed especially comfortable during their watery sit-in. The guest spot started with “Weight of the Word,” the collaborative song by Aqueous, Brouwers, Sanderson and Schwartz that served as the Buffalo-based band’s lead single in 2018. Color pallet LP. After a lengthened version of the tune, Aqueous added old friends (and former Turkuaz members) to the reunion by welcoming the singer. Shira elias and guitarist Craig brodhead to the stage for a nine-piece spacer across David Bowie‘s “Let’s Dance”.

Aqueous ft. The Horn Section – “The weight of the word” – 12/11/21

Aqueous ft. The Horn Section, Shira Elias, Craig Brodhead – “Let’s Dance” (David Bowie) – 11/12/21

[Videos: Fred Ramadan]

All my friends

No artist on the North Beach Music Festival’s inaugural lineup has been booked in a vacuum. In fact, if you follow the roots of virtually any law on the bill, it will lead you back to another. From the aforementioned connection The Heavy Pets / Tand and Aqueous / The Horn Section to the memorable performances of both Karina rykman and Marco Benevento– whose band features Karina on bass – and more, the North Beach Music Festival 2021 artist roster was certainly interconnected.

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The family nature that permeated North Beach Bandshell throughout the weekend paid off. TAUK with The Horn Section, Shira Elias and Jen Harstwick in concert Beyonceis “Crazy In Love”? To verify. The Motet with a parade of guests including The Horn Section, Elias, Hartswick and Jason hann (The string cheese incident)? You bet. A closing festival Spafford and his friends show that begins with an appropriate “All my friends” before the sit-ins in Eric krasno (Eric Krasno & The Assembly), Marco Benevento, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, Nate werth (Ghost-Note), and Alric AC housing (TAUK) and a “Whipping Post†finale? You got the idea. With so many talented friends (and friends of friends), every moment was likely to produce something special in North Beach.

TAUK with horn section, Shira Elias, Jen Hartswick – “Jupiter”, “Crazy In Love” (Beyonce) – 10/12/21

Spafford & Friends ft. Eric Krasno, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, AC Carter, Nate Werth – “Wipping Postâ€(Allman Brothers Band) – 11/12/21

[Videos: CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS]

Here’s a fantastic first year for the North Beach Music Festival, with more to come! Check out a weekend photo gallery below via the photographer Andrew O’Brien.


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