Phuket Heroines Festival in full swing

PHUKET: Victory Field in Bang Riang, Thepkrasattri, came to life last night (March 13) as the performance of the historical drama telling the story of the heroines of Phuket took to the stage for the first of three performances of the theatrical show and its and annual light, including fireworks.

This year’s annual Heroines Festival marks the 237th anniversary of heroines leading the defense of the island against Burmese marauders.

Among those present for the occasion were Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew and a host of other senior provincial officials, including Rewat Areerob, chairman of the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization (PPAO, or OrBorJor), which is organizing the event. every year.

Jariya Anfone, a direct descendant of the heroines of Phuket, Chan and Mook, who after successfully fending off the invaders were given the titles Thao Sri Soonthorn and Thao Thep Krasattri, was also on hand to take part in the live show.

The event is held annually to remember March 13 as the day the heroines achieved victory in 1785 in what was called the “War of the Nine Armies”, Mr Rewat said.

“Since that time, March 13 every year is considered ‘Thalang Victory Day,'” he said.

The victory heralded an era of peace and stability across the island, which people still enjoy today, he added.

“And in the year 2022, today is the 237th anniversary of Thalang Victory Day – a day of gaining peace and tranquility in our land for all Phuketians,” a- he declared.

The historical drama, called “Thalang Old Town, Land of the Brave” this year, will be played for nights, he noted.

The live performance will take place again tonight and tomorrow night (March 14-15)

The celebrations honor traditional local customs and include activities to show people the traditional way of life at the time of victory, Rewat noted.

The fair also features vendors selling local and OTOP products, as well as local delicacies, he added.

Governor Narong commended the festival for maintaining local traditions and PPAO for the result of its efforts in holding the event.

“Phuket is known to promote tourism by showcasing the local way of life, arts and culture of Phuket and the history of the country. .

“They learn valuable cultural information and the event attracts Thai and foreign tourists to visit Phuket. This helps boost the economy and increase the income of local people, while instilling in young people and others a sense of being patriotic, learning and being proud to be Thai. They can develop a sense of value for the land and join efforts to develop Phuket Province to be stable, prosperous and sustainable,” he said.

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