Pokémon GO Leaks Reveal Potential Battle Pass

Pokémon GO could finally implement its own version of a Battle Pass when the new season goes live next month.

Updated August 6, 2022

Pokémon GO has been an ever-evolving game since its release in 2016, and for the first time ever, trainers might have access to a Battle Pass feature. This information emerged just in time for GO’s season to collapse and bring the final event to the fore.

PokeMiners were the ones leaking information about a Battle Pass in Pokémon GO. Niantic had no role in revealing a potential pass, so the information could turn out to be wrong or evolve in some way before an official release. However, PokeMiners is a known trusted source for information leaks in GO.

Will Pokémon GO get a Battle Pass next season?

GO season
The GO season is almost over and the new pass may follow. (Photo: Niantic)

To obtain most of their leaked information, PokeMiners will mine data updates that Niantic pushes to game files, hence the name they go by. Although the Battle Pass itself has no real confirmation, there is definitely a reference to a pass in the game files at this time.

PokeMiners found a reference to an item called “Battle Pass Ticket” rather than the pass itself. Tickets are nothing new to Pokémon GO and almost every major event or community day will involve a purchasable ticket. It makes sense that the same method would be used for a potential pass.

Since Niantic moved the GO format to a seasonal format with three-month intervals, themes and new features have been introduced with each. For example, the Ultra Beasts were a big part of the GO season, along with giving tickets to friends.

The GO season is expected to end as early as September 2022. The GO Fest 2022 Finals will end in August and the GO Festive Season will be gone. There could be no better time for a new pass than the start of the fall season for GO in general.

Pokemon GO June
Fall will bring a whole new slew of content. (Photo: Niantic)

All the details of the new season are still under wraps and it’s hard to say what might come out of it. But there are plenty of items that could be thrown in a little Battle Pass for Pokémon GO. There would likely be Poké Balls, Elite TMs, and rare Pokémon encounters that encourage play all season long.

There may also be options to purchase additional tiers of the pass, like any other live service game. We will certainly find out what Niantic has planned in the coming weeks after the GO season.

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Image courtesy of Niantic.

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