The asymmetrical Christmas tree trend takes over this holiday season

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  • It’s almost time to plant the Christmas tree (s) and this year, many of us are becoming asymmetrical. Party goers opt for imperfect trees – embracing wobbly branches on perfectly triangular silhouettes.

    So if when decorating one of the best artificial Christmas trees yours turns out to be a bit uneven, rest assured it is actually very trendy.

    Image credit: Balsam Hill

    The asymmetrical Christmas tree trend

    The trend for asymmetrical Christmas trees has burst onto the scene as people celebrate faux trees with casual angles. These trendy trees are not perfectly symmetrical, or even in thickness. They are the opposite of the meticulously decorated hotel lobby style tree.

    “When it comes to artificial trees, asymmetric and sparse trees are gaining popularity in the UK,†says Jen Derry of the luxury and home decor artificial tree brand. Hill Balm. “As with many things in nature, nothing is ever perfectly symmetrical, and the humble Christmas tree is no different.”

    Jen believes this is leading a growing number of people looking for the beauty of a real tree with the convenience of an artificial tree to buy more original and original trees every year.

    slender christmas tree in the living room

    Image credit: Furniture and choices

    We don’t know about you, but we’ve seen a lot of sparse trees this year. We used to think the more complete the better, but more slender designs allow your treasured collection of baubles and decorations to really shine.

    They are also less imposing as a second Christmas tree to display more delicate decorations. Plus, they’re great for people living in small city apartments. Add in some festive lights and there’s no reason why a sparser tree shouldn’t be as enchanting as a traditional tree.

    Once the tree looks perfectly imperfect, give the focal point of your living space a festive vibe. Just add wonderful Christmas fireplace and fireplace ideas. Jen from Balsam Hill also predicts that plenty of LED twig trees will be popping up this holiday season.

    slim christmas tree and gifts

    Image credit: Balsam Hill

    This is a popular way to add Christmas decor to other areas of the home. If you usually stick to traditional Christmas ideas, but this year you’re in the mood for a change, try a thin tree that won’t overwhelm your space.

    And embrace those wobbly branches, because just like your Christmas Day, the tree doesn’t have to be perfect.

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