The holiday weekend party begins at Bayfront Festival Park

DULUTH, MN. (CBS 3 Duluth) – Thousands of people are expected to pack Bayfront Festival Park this weekend with four days of events.

From Country Jam to Hairball to Fourth Fest, it’s going to be one wild vacation weekend at the park.

One man, Sean MacNorton, flew in from Indiana for the festivities this weekend.

He says he expects a lot.

“The costumes, the music, the bands,” Macnorton said. “All.”

He is not the only one.

8,000 are expected for Hairball and 10,000 for Fourth Fest.

“So it’s a great weekend,” said DECC communications director Lucie Amundsen.

With all the people flocking downtown, driving and parking could be a nightmare.

Amundsen has some tips for those trying to beat the rush.

“Come early,” she said. “Big time allowances are a great way to reduce stress. You can park in the Bayfront lot or the Duluth Entertainment lot for $10 all day. So come make a day of it.

She said there are often spots at the top of the DECC parking ramp and recommends backing into those parking spots so you can get out more easily.

Ultimately, Amundsen said it was worth driving downtown for one thing in particular:

“Arguably the best fireworks in the Midwest,” she said.

MacNorton agrees.

“We love the fireworks here,” he said. “They are some of the best I have ever seen.”

Leaving Canal Park, Amundsen said that if you’re not going on I-35, the further up Lake Avenue you go before turning left or right on a street, the more likely you’ll be to exit quickly.

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