The rise of homemade products | Chocolatiers

A chat with Crislyn from the chocolate makers

The Easter season is upon us and Goa is seeing an increase in the number of customers who are looking for a more personal touch for their Easter treats or festive treats. This is where homemade products come into play. These homemade products are the result of skilled bakers or chocolatiers honing their skills and passion for baking or chocolate making, to meet the needs of a tight-knit community of customers who resonate with their services.

Joining ItsGoa is Crislyn from Chocolatiers; to talk about his restless side and the current situation with the Bakers or Chocolatiers Commercial during the end of year celebrations.

Chocolatiers was conceived in the early months of 2020 while Crislyn was still pursuing her studies at the College. She was encouraged by her parents to start this business as a way for her to learn how to manage her assets – fast forward two years later; Crislyn, who now works in a marketing firm, learned how to incorporate her marketing knowledge into the business. Chocolatiers as it stands, it’s a ‘reservation to order’ type business. She, together with her younger sister, creates a special menu for various festive occasions and takes orders for other special occasions, be it birthdays or weddings.


She has a variety of Milk-based chocolates, non-dairy chocolates and dark chocolates to satisfy all customers. His some products are produced and packaged in the comfort and warmth of their home, and delivery is usually made personally or via courier if the customer is unwilling to pick up the order themselves. There is some misconception about the safety standards regarding the manufacture of homemade products, but the products to Chocolatiers just like any commercial store, are produced and packaged under appropriate Covid safety guidelines: products are produced and handled with gloves and face masks, and delivery complies with regulated Covid safety guidelines.

Crislyn then explained how her business has changed over time. She explained that most of her customers today tend to fall into the young or middle-aged category and some of her older customers have reduced their order frequency due to their diabetic condition. With some of her original customers reducing the frequency of their orders, Crislyn decided to put her knowledge of marketing to good use and therefore implemented a marketing strategy for her online subscribers – She will occasionally ask her subscribers product suggestions for new ideas or modifications, via open-ended questions via online surveys. The suggestions she receives as well as the research she carries out on trendy products decide on the proposal of her new menu. Even the packaging of her products has changed over the years based on suggestions she received from her close customers. It is therefore a very customer-oriented approach to the production of chocolates that she has chosen to follow.

She explained that her customers usually place orders from her because they can be assured of receiving fresh homemade produce from quality ingredients. She pointed to this distinction over commercial stores that, during holiday seasons, produce products in bulk and skim on quality ingredients in hopes of making higher profit margins. Crislyn also pointed out that some stores are selling products from the past, which is different from what home bakers offer with their “reserve-to-order” business model. Some of his orders were produced hours before the deadline. This is the level of freshness Chocolatiers and other homemade catering businesses have to offer! So this Easter season, give a little support and love to a local caterer by supporting the services they provide.

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