Travel more, buy less: Cleartrip’s campaign hijacks the holiday season

We all love to shop and when it’s the holiday season, it takes our shopaholic instincts to another level! If you check your baskets on merchant sites, we are sure that it totals a significant sum! Here’s an idea: instead of checking your cart, what if you were to use that money to book a travel experience?

You probably think a few thousand people won’t fund the vacation you’re planning. But is there a way to ensure that, so that you have the opportunity to create memories for a lifetime rather than buying one more red shirt or sneakers that will languish deep in your guard -dress ? Cleartrip has done just that, innovatively hijacking the holiday season with its innovative brand campaign, across print and digital platforms, wowing social media users and readers.

Cleartrip has done its research so you don’t have to, showing you travel deals you can redeem for impulse purchases. We open the newspaper and are inundated with offers of things to buy. But if a little voice inside you wonders if you could use the money more productively, then Cleartrip is here to help your conscience. Here’s how it works: a customer simply needs to scan the page on an AI-powered microsite to unlock amazing offers. Every time “I’m Ready” is clicked, a scanner will appear that scans the price of a product displayed in a newspaper ad and offers you travel deals to choose from, at matching prices! Basically, every listing becomes a Cleartrip listing, offering great discounts on your next trip! Just click on “I want this trip” or “I want to know more” to take the next step of your dream vacation.

The brand rose to the challenge of competing for the consumer’s share of wallet during the holiday season, setting itself apart with its simple message “Why spend more, when you can get experiences for the same price?” As one ad sarcastically notes, “Wow, congratulations! You bought the latest gadget when you could have booked the best trip. (At a lower price)”

The campaign is both fun and awesome, as it drives home the important message that we shouldn’t put off creating travel memories, even if we splurge on material things. Cleartrip provided laughs as well as food for thought using Facebook geo-tagging, fake YouTube ads, and “contextual ads” for beauty (lipsticks), tech (smartwatches), fashion (cat-eye sunglasses), food (fancy non-stick pans and pepper mills), sports and fitness (workout and workout shoes), and more. The brand also crept into Twitter posts and powerfully pushed its message of accumulating experiences on things, with an overall traction of over 25 million impressions.

As an impressed tweleb or twitter influencer @GabbarSingh said, “it’s clear we should go on a trip.” Scanning an advertisement for cheese in a newspaper, the pop-up reads, “Do you really need ek aur cheez…when you could be on a beautiful beach saying cheese instead? This one says it plainly: “Instead of ticking things off your grocery list, tick Phuket off your to-do list,” along with an offer of up to 70% off Phuket hotels .

Hats off to Cleartrip’s decluttering campaign, which emphasizes the importance of meaningful experiences over random purchases!

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