Venetian festival returns to “full strength” for the first time since the pandemic

After limited attractions last year, the Venetian Festival and all its festivities are back for the first time since the pandemic.

“I think it’s just a really special time for the community. There’s so much going on. Yes, there are vacationers, but also for the city of Charlevoix too, ”says a festival-goer.

Organizers say that although they held the festival last year, they say this year it is back in full force. They say people have had plenty of choice all week, and the kids at the festival say they are having a blast.

“It was pretty fun being in Michigan. There were carnivals and carousels,” says a little boy. “Yesterday I won a stuffed animal for my brother. So it was kind of fun,” her sister confirms.

There are a lot of things to check. There is a carnival, children’s area, vendors, free live music and much more.

“I go to a lot of different parades and I always think the Venetian parade is one of the best,” said one attendee at this year’s festival.

And with the festival back in full force, businesses have noticed the difference. Graffittees director Adir Durgeman says he’s noticed a lot more people celebrating this year than last year.Pkg00 00 13 12still004

“Last summer a lot of people came to Venetian, but I feel like the pandemic has made people less likely to come out,” Durgeman admits. “It’s better to have everyone here, all together, not having to worry about masks and the pandemic and stuff like that.”

Durgeman says business has been great, especially with the full festival back in town.

“They’re enjoying the view, they’re enjoying the events, enjoying everything that’s going on here and the rides. So it’s great for us to have them here,” smiles Durgeman.

Organisers, companies and everyone who enjoys the festival are happy to see it back and say they want you to come and celebrate this weekend.

“Tonight’s fireworks will be awesome. So what [Saturday] at night they have the Venetian Parade where the boats go around the round lake. So, come and don’t miss coming to Charlevoix,” says a festival-goer.

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