Vietnamese Student Association to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on September 15 | New

The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) at a Boba event.

The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is preparing for its annual Mid-Autumn Festival while trying to recruit new members.

The festival will take place Thursday, September 15 at UNC Charlotte’s Star Quad, beginning at 5:30 p.m. The Mid-Autumn Festival will include mooncake tastings, lion dancing, lanterns and more. Everyone is allowed to participate.

The lion dance specifically has dancers dressed in costumes or masks to appear like a lion and is believed to bring luck and fortune. He appeared at “Viet Night”, an event held in the spring of 2022, which takes place every year and will resume in the spring of 2023. All of their events share many important traditions of Vietnamese culture.

“It’s a way to get together to celebrate,” said Thi Le, the organization’s external vice president. “Traditionally, it is celebrated on [Sept.] 10, but we do it on [Sept.] 15 because we wanted more time to prepare.”

The Mid-Autumn Festival is called Tết Trung Thu. VSA President Kaitlyn Van describes the historical significance of the festival.

“It’s a harvest festival. Vietnam is made up of a lot of farmers. Tết Trung Thu was more popular among them, and it’s the celebration of food,” Van said.

According to Le, “It was created for parents to catch up on lost time with their children after the harvest season.”

With 13 members on the Editorial Board, VSA provides an inclusive environment for the student body.

“Our club is mainly made up of Vietnamese students, but it’s not exclusive, and we try to promote diversity, so we say to everyone, ‘You don’t have to be Vietnamese to join us.’ “said Le.

The organization offers many events and opportunities to learn about Vietnamese practices, eat different traditional foods, and learn about certain celebrations.

The organization released a statement on the history associated with Tết Trung Thu.

“Our best-known story is about a man named Cuội, who clung to a magical banyan tree as it floated up to the moon. We say that if you look closely at the full moon, you can see the shadow of the moon. a man sits under a tree, children parade through the streets with lanterns at dusk night [the] mid-autumn festival to help light the way to earth for Cuội from the moon,” the Instagram post said via @unccvsa.

The VSA was founded in 1989 at UNC Charlotte. According to their mission statement on Instagram, “[The] the ultimate goal is to promote Vietnamese culture.”

The festival is not their first event this year, as the organization has also organized a social boba for interested new members. For more information on future events of this organization, it is posted on their Instagram page @unccvsa.

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